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2022 Art Show

The 2022 Edison Art Show was a huge success! Students came with their families to show off their creations. There were haunted houses, cityscapes, cats and lions, self portraits, Abraham Lincoln portraits, pumpkins, flowers, monsters, and ice cream sundaes. Several of the projects - including a mountain-and-river scene with clouds and lightning that the entire school contributed to - related to the water cycle: lighting-filled skies, rivers, waves, and rain drops. It was fun to spot several Edison alumni among the crowd. Attendees flocked to the interactive art activities also available - doodle boards, sticker art, and butterfly masks. Add in the cheese and crackers and live bluegrass music, and you get a most magical and enjoyable evening! 

Thanks go first to our amazing Edison Art teacher, Ms. Malloy, who dedicated several hours after school to make this happen. Many teachers and staff also contributed their time to make the evening a success. It was great to gather and socialize with our school community.

Click here to see a photo gallery of the show.