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Test Spirit Week

Test Spirit Week is this week: April 25-28. 

Teachers and students will be discussing how to show what they know on the upcoming, end-of-year testing. Each day will focus on different test strategies.

Prep for the Test: Apri 25-28

Monday: You Are a Professional - Bow ties will be handed out to remind students to take the tests seriously so they can show what they know.

Tuesday: Focused Test Takers - Glasses will remind students to stay focused during testing.

Wednesday: The Brain Is Royalty - Crowns will adorn students' heads to remind them how much their brains have grown this year and that testing is a way to show their successes.

Thursday: Slash the Trash - Each class will get a trash can to cover with positive statements and to throw away negativity. Positive self-talk is important. We are smart. We've got this. We can show what we've learned this year!

Ask your students about the test-taking strategies they are discussing each day at school. Make a plan together that will support them during this testing season at home, such as daily reading times, consistent routines, good meals, and regular bedtimes. With support from school and home, our Edison Eagles will soar!