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Hello! My name is Kristen Hemmis and I am your child’s art teacher. This is my third year at Edison Elementary School. I love sharing art with your children. When I was a child art class was where I found my confidence and how I was best able to express myself. I hope to share a love of art with your child. I have 2 elementary school age children who are my joy of life. I also have one fur baby, a black lab named Sugar. My husband and I moved to Utah with our family 2 ½ years ago from Maryland. In my teeny tiny bit of free time I like to make art (paint, draw, build things, sew), run, cook, spend time in nature, play with my children and watch them dance and fence. My favorite artist is an American painter named Andrew Wyeth. He used to be my neighbor when I lived in Pennsylvania. His paintings make me feel connected to my home and my roots. Who is your favorite artist?

You can support our art program by asking your children what they are learning about in art. You can also send in recyclables such as: empty clean aluminum cans, empty clean plastic bottles (soda), and empty clean baby food jars with lids. Thank you for your partnership!

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