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“Everything gets easier when we stop expecting it to be easy.” -Tim Grover



I am so excited to be reading and learning with you this year!


Visit Edison DESTINY LIBRARY catalog (our Library catalog), SORA, and EPIC often to find books to read (links to the right).

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for the current Library newsletter.


Edison Reading Expectation

Every student at Edison is expected to read for at least 20 minutes every day after school. This is the BEST thing you can do to become a reader. You can read silently and independently. You can read out loud to a parent or loved one. You can follow along while a parent or another reader reads to you. ALL of these activities count as reading. Read short books and long books, fiction and non-fiction. Pick the methods and the materials that interest you. You can be SURE that if you practice reading every night, you WILL become a good reader! This is 100% GUARANTEED!



Beehive Book Awards

Help pick our statewide Beehive Book Award winners.

First, read one of THESE BOOKS. Be sure to finish the book (or at least 50 pages) if you want to vote on it because your vote will help pick the winners. 

Next, fill out an online voting ballot by clicking HERE. The ballot is short and easy to fill out.

Students who vote for five or more Beehive books will earn prizes. Read as many as you can!


The books are divided into five categories: 

  • Picture Books (Easy Fiction)

  • Children’s Fiction books (chapter books)

  • Informational books (nonfiction)

  • Graphic Novels (comic books)

  • Poetry


All votes need to be submitted by the end of March 2021. The winners will be announced in April.



Battle of the Books

Edison 4th and 5th graders are invited to participate in the 2020-2021 Battle of the Books. There will be a school battle in January and a district battle in March.

First, read one or more of THESE books. There are 20 books total. You can print that link and use it as a Battle bookmark.

Next, complete this FORM to share what book you read and some details about it.

Once you have completed the form for at least one book, you will be able to participate in the school battle. You can prepare for the school battle as a team of friends (no more than four students), but during the Battle, each student will compete individually.

Stay tuned for book discussions you can join to discuss each book. 

There are prizes and rewards for every Battle Book you read. The more you read, the better the prize. The winners of the Edison Battle of the Books will form a team and battle other elementary schools at the District Battle of the Books in March. Last year the battle was at Glendale.

Have fun, and keep on reading!


Additional Information

I am here to support students, teachers, and parents.

Please contact me anytime! I check email throughout the day, or we can visit on Zoom 2:30-3:00 any school day or by appointment. 

To access Sora online books (link at right), enter your school computer login and password.   




To place a book on hold online, login to Destiny Discover (link at right) with your student login and password. Search for the book you want. Click the HOLD button. 




To access the resources listed below from home (links at right), please visit your Canvas Library page for login and password information, or contact me.




  • Utah Online Library
  • World Book Kids
  • Epic Online Books


One Book, One School Community Book Club

Principal Damm and I are excited to introduce this new school-wide initiative at Edison Elementary this year. One book will be chosen and made available to our community of families to be read as widely as possible. We will circulate several copies, in English and Spanish, from student to student, family to family. As more and more of us read this same book, we will have a shared story that we can discuss and use to learn more about each other, our community, and our world. If you have suggestions for which book we should choose, please let us know. We will be picking a book by the end of September.





Library Policies

While our school is meeting online, or on a split-week schedule, the library space will not be open to students. Students can check out library books by logging into Destiny Discover (link at right). 


This is how checkout works for now:

  1. From the Edison Library web page, click Destiny Discover.
  2. Login with your student login and password.
  3. Find a book you want and click HOLD.
  4. Come to school to pick up your book on Wednesday from 11-12:30. You will know your book is ready to pick up if you see it checked out to you by 10 o’clock Wednesday morning.
  5. Students can have one book at home at a time. (Parents may check out a book at this time only by using their child’s login and password. This would count as the one book a student has out.)
  6. You must return your book to pick up another one.
  7. If you put a book on hold and it is ready for you on Wednesday, but you do not come to pick it up, it will be returned to the shelf.


You can find due dates on Destiny Discover. Late books can be returned without any fines. However, students that lose a book or return a book with significant damage will be charged a fine. The best way to take care of this responsibility is to pay the fine as soon as possible. If necessary, please contact me for other options. 

Pamela Foster

Pamela Foster

School Librarian/Media Specialist