About Our School

Edison Elementary is on the move and our direction is up. Students at Edison are growing and gaining more than ever before. 

  • Edison students attend school from 7:55 am to 3:00 pm Monday –  Thursday and 7:55 – 1:00 pm on Friday.   Edison students receive Science, Library, Art, each week by fully licensed teachers.  Students also receive physical education weekly.
  • Every classroom has an interactive whiteboard.
  • We have two computer labs and additional portable laptop and iPad labs.
  • All teachers have built-in time to plan and collaborate every day and analyze student work as grade level teams each week.
  • Teachers are able to adapt instruction based on continuous feedback about student learning.
  • Teachers are also supported by two, half-time academic coaches.
  • Edison is a diverse school with incredible cultural wealth. Parents participate in twice monthly morning discussions about school events, practices and procedures. Parental input is a valuable asset at Edison Elementary.


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