About Our School

Edison Elementary is focused on growing people – students and adults.  Our priority is for all students to become grade-level proficient in Reading, Writing, Math, and Science, as well as all teachers expert in classroom management, SEL skills, and highly effective learning strategies.  In June of 2019, we moved into our beautiful new building which has been designed for safety, collaboration and a focus on communication and literacy.

  • Edison students attend school from 7:55 am to 3:00 pm Monday – Thursday and 7:55 – 1:00 pm on Friday.   Edison students receive Science, Library, and Art each week by licensed teachers.  Students also receive Physical Education, and Computer weekly.
  • Every classroom has an interactive Smartboard and enhanced sound system.
  • We have one dedicated computer lab and 1-1 computers in all classrooms grade 2 – 5.
  • All teachers have built-in time to plan and collaborate every day and analyze student work as grade level teams each week during PLCs.  PLCs are structured around the DuFour model of collaboration.
  • All teachers have built in blocks of 6-week planning time to create Learning Intentions and Success Criteria, as well as coordinate formative assessments with their teams.
  • Teachers adapt instruction based on continuous feedback about student learning.
  • Teachers are supported by one full-time Language Arts Coach and one half-time Math coach.
  • All students have 35 minutes of Intervention time Monday – Thursday dedicated to Literacy.
  • Highly trained paraprofessionals support our students in Reading and Literacy skills.
  • Edison is a diverse school with incredible cultural wealth. Parents participate in twice monthly morning discussions about school events, practices and procedures. Parental input is a valuable asset at Edison Elementary.
  • Edison is 97% Economically disadvantaged.  We have 58% of our students who are English Language Learners and 9% of our students have Special Education support.



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